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Tank Owners Customer Application PDF
Rental Tank Customer Application PDF

Arena Market Co-op members with currently paid dues are eligible to join our Propane Buying Club (no extra charge) and buy discounted propane at our negotiated price. Here’s the details:

1.Current members of the co-op receiving propane delivery within 25 miles of the co-op will receive propane at a fixed margin over their “laid in” cost, based on delivery address.

a.Within 25 miles from Point Arena:$1.10 over laid-in cost​ (The 25 mile radius includes the town of Albion​.)

b.Outside 25 miles from Point Arena$1.60 over laid-in cost

2.Co-op members choosing “Automatic Delivery” will be granted a discount of $0.15 per gallon. (tank fill to 80%)

3.There is NO SALES TAX charged on the propane with signed Tax Addendum Form.

4.New tank installations are done at NO Cost. Installation of leased tanks includes: a.Movng competitor propane tank b.Pumping out fuel c.Installing new regulator d.Leak & Safety Test of gas lines

5.Co-op members that start service with a “customer-owned tank” will be charged $50.00 for a one time safety test prior to delivering propane.

6.Tank Rental is $65.00 annually.

Some additional values Suburban Propane provides:

1.24-hour emergency service

2.Online bill pay

3.Circle of Friends Program- 35 gallons FREE (see coupon)

4.Military Discount, one-time fuel credit(see coupon)

When $300 has been paid, the membership becomes a paid-up Lifetime Membership. Members also receive a discount on most market purchases at our market in Point Arena.

How it works:

1. Join the Co-op if you haven't already(​click here to download​ a member application). You'll need your Member ID Number.

2. When you have your Member ID Number, fill out Suburban's application. You MUST put your Co-op Member Number on the upper right-hand corner of the Suburban application.

3. Also fill out the Sales Tax Exemption Certificate. Propane is not taxed when customers do not have natural gas available at their home. Propane for business use is always taxed.

4. Mail Suburban's applications to:

Suburban Propane
1210 N. Main St.
Fort Bragg, CA 95437

You may also fax it them: 707-263-0169

You can email them as well!

If you need to confirm receipt of the applications, call the Lakeport office: 707-263-5428

5. Suburban will contact you to plan the tank switch. If you are already a Suburban customer or own your own tank, a new tank won't be necessary and you can start buying at the new price any time.

6. If renting, Suburban will bring your new tank, move the old one aside, transfer your remaining gas, and top off the new Suburban tank. You do NOT have to use up the gas in your old tank.

7. Call your old supplier to have them pick up their tank.

8. You will be billed at the new price.

Additional Information

If your Co-op dues are not kept current, Suburban will charge you their regular rate. If you don't meet Suburban's credit requirements, you may still purchase propane, but Suburban will ask you to pay at the time of delivery. If you are on automatic-fill and run out of gas, there will be no charge to bring gas to you right away and re-light your pilots. If you are not on automatic-fill and run out, you will be charged $75 if you can wait until your area's regular weekly delivery day. For immediate service on other days, the charge is $175 for special gas delivery and pilot re-lighting. Don't run out of gas--watch the gauge. This requirement is similar to other companies' agreements.

There is an “early termination fee.” The fee only applies to new customers who receive the benefit of a new tank installation at no charge. The fee is not charged if the property is sold or you move, as long as Suburban's tank remains in place to supply the new resident, whether or not the new resident decides to buy from Suburban. If you already have a Suburban tank you are excluded--however, the early termination fee you may have originally agreed to still applies. Tank owners will have no early termination fee.

You can find the refinery price on the web at: ​​ Once there, click on the top blue bar, then choose a date. Choose the San Francisco refinery price.

Remember, the Laid-in cost is about $0.10 more than the refinery price. Keep that in mind when attempting to estimate your fuel price.

If you need further information, please contact:

Natalie Cortese, General Manager
Arena Market & Cafe

Brian Canepa, Outside Sales Manager
Suburban Propane

         email gm


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